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  • Preparing-for-Armageddon-min January 24, 2018

    Preparing For Armageddon

    With major stock market indices soaring higher and higher, investors and pundits increasingly express fear that a horrible economic collapse is imminent. Predictions of the world coming to an end soon have brought society...

  • Selling-stocks-after-years-of-poor-performance-min January 24, 2018

    7 Common Trading Mistakes Part 6: Selling stocks after years of poor performance

    Lots of people become discouraged with stocks in their portfolios that have under-performed for years. GE is a good example. As of late 2017 GE has under-performed the market for years. Emotional investors cannot...

  • Believing-that-things-are-different-this-time-min January 21, 2018

    7 Common Trading Mistakes Part 7: Believing that things are different this time

    Remember the dot-com bubble of the late 1990’s? How about the real estate bubble leading up to 2007? I remember the enthusiasm about the “nifty fifty” back in the late1960s and early 1970s. The...

  • Buying-stocks-on-short-term-dips-min January 17, 2018

    7 Common Trading Mistakes Part 5: Buying stocks on short-term dips

    A common tax mistake is caused by anchoring. Anchoring is the idea that when a stock trades in a range such as $20-$25 per share for a few months, investors begin to think that...

  • Trading-Cost-Blindness-min January 10, 2018

    7 Common Trading Mistakes Part 4: Trading Cost Blindness

    When trading in search of dollars, it is a mistake to ignore wasting even only a few cents on trading costs. Consider an investor who buys 500 shares of a stock at $10.00 each...

  • Market-Timing-min January 3, 2018

    7 Common Trading Mistakes Part 3: Market Timing

    The last decade has been an emotional cliff-hanger for most investors as they see the stock market soar to higher and higher levels – along with their increasing concern that the these large increases...

  • Tax-Blindness-min December 27, 2017

    7 Common Trading Mistakes Part 2: Tax Blindness

    Taxes are one of the biggest costs to investing. Ignoring income taxes when making investment decisions can be a big mistake. Being tax-smart is one of the surest ways to enhance long-term performance. Here’s...

  • Poor-Diversification-min December 20, 2017

    7 Common Trading Mistakes Part 1: Poor Diversification

    It is true that putting most or all of your “eggs in one basket” increases your chance of hitting it big. But for every happy investor who picks a stock that outperforms the average,...

  • Beware-of-High-Returns October 18, 2017

    Beware High Returns

    The U.S. stock market is currently in the second longest bull market in its history. When strong long-term bull markets reverse, it can be painful. The great returns in both equity and fixed income...

  • BCA-107557-September-Creative_525 October 13, 2017

    The Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Boom

    Is Cryptocurrency the future of investing? Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money designed to be secure and anonymous. Certain technology allows users access to secure payments and store money without needing to use...



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