Family Office Services

The Biltmore Family Office Approach, the core of our personal Six-Step Family Office Approach is to identify appropriate resources that can impact our clients’ lives most relevantly.

Discovery Process
A Personal Relationship Manager will be assigned to your family based on a personality match and the complexity of your needs. They will show you the range of personal financial services we provide, and develop a thorough understanding of “your” goals, objectives, specific needs, available resources and requirements.

Solutions Analysis
A detailed customized solution for your family—including portfolio recommendations, risk management, personal financial services, and estate planning needs if appropriate.

  • Current investment holdings, liabilities, real estate, cash flow and hard assets
  • Current strategies, fee structure, cash flow needs, long term goals
  • Tax mitigation strategies
  • Risk reduction strategies

Private Banking Experience
We’ll provide you online access to your investment accounts and introduce you to our full range of private banking services such as:

  • Evaluating the most efficient methods of banking
  • Assistance with checkbook, monthly transfers, titles of bank accounts
  • Arranging online bill and credit card payments

Private Vault Navigator
Our vault and storage system is designed to help you simplify life. With one password, this secure online system aggregates investments and bank accounts held at various custodians (including 401(k), employee stock options and checking accounts), checking and banking accounts at various institutions, credit card and hotel reward points, hotel clubs and rewards, frequent flier miles, and liabilities such as mortgage and credit card balances, and home equity line of credit.

This vault also serves as an online document storage center. You can store and view important documents such as digital pictures of valuables, digital video, estate plans, insurance policies, copies of LLCs, etc.

Personal Risk Analysis
This risk review provides an expert third-party evaluation to ensure that potential areas of exposure are minimized. We have your insurance policies – life, property, casualty, umbrella, auto and others—and have them reviewed by risk experts. With a focus on lowering payments, policies are examined to identify possible inconsistencies between your current coverage and your actual needs. Areas of exposure are identified and examined with you.

The Strategy Snapshot
Because both your life and financial goals and conditions most likely will change over time, we carefully balance those changes over time to create the solutions your family needs for continued personal enjoyment and financial peace of mind.

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