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October 2018 Stock Market Volatility

Stock Trader

  The domestic markets have slightly pulled back from their high after a two day drop which we haven’t seen in months.  Observers of markets continue to see spectacular earnings growth which has been close to 20% for the year.  In fact, this growth has caused price to earnings (P/E) ratios to compress from high […]

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Understanding and working with an Independent RIA

Financial advice comes in all shapes and sizes and from all sorts of industry professionals.  For those of you not in the financial industry, you probably aren’t aware of the momentum of advisors who are leaving the large Wall Street broker-dealers in search for a more independent firm to conduct their business.  Our founder, Tyler […]

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Distinguishing Wealth Managers from Portfolio Cowboys

Wealth Managers from Portfolio Cowboys

There are so-called investment managers, they manage portfolios in a wild and risky fashion that I term “portfolio cowboys.” In contrast, there are high quality investment professionals who manage portfolios carefully based on time-tested principles of long-term wealth management. These high-quality wealth managers must compete with portfolio cowboys for clients — and they often lose. […]

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Part 6: Great Financial Advisors Do More than Manage Assets

There is much more to a healthy financial path through life than good asset management. Comprehensive financial advisory services should include managing liabilities (e.g., mortgage borrowing), optimal tax planning, estate planning, controlling for risks such as the financial consequences of premature death or outliving one’s wealth, and catastrophes. Sound decision making across the spectrum of […]

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Part 2: A Great Financial Advisor is a Fiduciary

Registered investment advisors are legally classified as fiduciaries – meaning they have a duty to their clients to serve the client’s best interests. Many other investment professionals – such as brokers – do not have a fiduciary duty and can place clients into products that offer higher profits to the broker and lower profits to […]

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