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Economic Factor #10: Events

Very major disasters such as severe earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, famine, floods, and pestilence can devastate even large economies such as ours. The massive influenza epidemic of 1918 has been found to have damaged economic growth even through the 1920s. Events such as World War II decimated the economies of many nations. The U.S. has been […]

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Economic Factor #8: Free Trade

Free international trade is vital to economic prosperity. While large, well diversified and geographically isolated countries such as the U.S. can have relatively less dependence on international trade, small countries often rely heavily on international trade to obtain the diverse spectrum of goods and services needed by their people. For example, only about 25% of […]

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Economic Factor #6: Biorhythms

I am often surprised when I watch a very successful sports team suddenly go on a losing streak even though the players have remained healthy and the team’s strategies are unchanged. Coach Joe Paterno once observed, “You’re gonna get better or you’re gonna get worse, but you’re not gonna stay the same.” Is there an […]

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Economic Factor #5: Demographics

I think that the Baby Boom generation demonstrated the power of demographics to alter the path of an economy. As that population bubble worked its way through time, its effects can be measured. Schools boomed in the 50s, higher education boomed in the 60s and I believe that part of the economic boom of the […]

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UPS Fourth Quater Report

Tyler Vernon

UPS reported quarterly earnings and revenue that missed analysts’ expectations. The company announced fourth quarter earnings per share of $1.63 on revenue of $16.93 billion, versus a target of $1.69 per share on revenue of $17 billion. UPS Chairman and CEO David Abney credited revenue and volume acceleration during the holidays, plus international performance for […]

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Economic Factor #2: Monetary Policy

Monetary policy in the U.S. primarily reflects the current and prospective actions of the Federal Reserve with regard to money, interest rates and credit. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 established the Federal Reserve system to provide the country with a sound banking and payments system and a stable currency. The power of the Federal […]

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