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Corporate Executive Planning

Biltmore has deep experience working with the financial planning needs of corporate executives at Fortune 500 corporations, such as United Parcel Service, ExxonMobil, Microsoft, Amazon, and others in particular issues relating to company stock holdings, and sales and tax consequences.

Working with these companies over time has given us particular knowledge of company-specific issues, such as pension plans, health care options, stock awards, tax issues, and other particular issues that affect executives of various companies.  Additionally, Biltmore has designed proprietary financial planning and asset management strategies aimed at addressing some of these unique concerns.

We offer our executive clients a complete range of wealth management, life event planning, and investment services they require today. Our goal is to help you develop more durable solutions at every stage of your financial life, from a promotion or career change, to company stock management, to retirement and estate planning.

Your Biltmore financial advisor is committed to providing the individual attention, due diligence, risk management discipline, and objectivity you expect from a trusted advisor.

Our customized solutions for corporate clients include tax-controlled diversification strategies, hedging and option strategies, lending strategies against concentrated stock positions at institutional rates, aggregation services, and more.

Expert Advice On Company Stock Decisions

We understand the emotional attachment executives can have to their company stock and the inherent risks of concentrated stock positions.

Biltmore Provides Expert Guidance On:

  • Company stock holding and sales requirements
  • Restricted stock units
  • Incentive and non-qualified stock options
  • Pension and 401(k) allocations
  • Tax consequences of selling low-cost basis stock
  • Hedging and borrowing strategies
  • Estate planning and gifting strategies

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*Certain insurances and risk management recommendations may come from consultants not affiliated with Biltmore Capital Advisors.