Microsoft Executives & Retirees

Financial Management Services for Microsoft Clients

An independent, SEC-registered investment advisor, Biltmore Capital Advisors has worked with Microsoft executives and retirees. We have developed a unique understanding of the company culture and issues concerning Microsoft stock, deferred compensation plans, stock awards, and retirement investment planning.

Our proven solutions for Microsoft clients and their families can help you realize your financial goals, from tax-sensitive portfolio diversification to low-cost borrowing, from effective risk management to retirement and estate planning.

Biltmore’s customized financial and investment advisory services for Microsoft executives and retirees include expert advice on:

  • Microsoft employee stock option plans and restricted stock units
  • 401(k) and savings plan choices
  • Tax mitigation strategies
  • Low-cost basis stock sale strategies
  • Hedging & borrowing strategies
  • Cash flow enhancement strategies with Microsoft options

Our financial management services for Microsoft employees also include customized strategies for hedging and covered call options, competitive lending on stock positions, and tax advantaged diversification strategies.

*Biltmore Capital Advisors is not endorsed by Microsoft.

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