Corporate Executivess

We offer our executive clients a complete range of the wealth management, life event planning and investment services they require today. Our goal is to help you develop more durable solutions at every stage of your financial life, from a promotion or career change to company stock management to retirement and estate planning.
Your Biltmore Financial Advisor is committed to providing the individual attention, due diligence, risk management discipline and objectivity you expect from a trusted advisor.
Our customized solutions for corporate clients include tax-controlled diversification strategies, hedging and covered call option strategies, lending strategies against concentrated stock positions at institutional rates, aggregation services, Private Vaulting services and more.

Expert Advice on Company Stock Decisions

We understand the emotional attachment executives can have to their company stock and the inherent risks of concentrated stock positions. Biltmore provides expert guidance on:

  • Company stock holding and sales requirements
  • Restricted stock units
  • Incentive and non-qualified stock options
  • Pension and 401(k) allocations
  • Tax consequences of selling low cost basis stock
  • Hedging and borrowing strategies
  • Estate planning and gifting strategies

Executive Concierge Services

At Biltmore we appreciate how valuable your time is. We encourage you to take advantage of our Executive Concierge Services. Let Biltmore handle your errands and other time-consuming tasks so you can focus on work and family.

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