Wealth Management for Expatriates ("Expats")

Biltmore Capital works with international clients who are US citizens to ensure that the essential components of their financial planning stay intact whether they live inside or outside the United States.

We will quarterback your team of tax professionals and attorneys—whether located here or offshore–to ensure that the various aspects of managing your wealth continue to get maximum benefit from a tax and estate planning perspective. At the same time, we apply innovative, outside-of-the-box approaches to asset management, insurance, real estate financing or other programs important to you and your family.

Biltmore Capital is an independent financial services firm, We help our clients take advantage of an institutional style of asset management using sophisticated alternative investments to hedge risk.


Service Offerings for Expats

As a U.S. citizen living abroad, and working with Biltmore Capital, you will receive access to a number of features offered by our custodian, one of the world’s largest firms.  These include:

– Convenient access to your money

– Competitive exchange rates

– Ease of tax reporting, including 1099 forms

The Advantages of Working with Biltmore

1) Benefit from the peace of mind, confidence and stability of working with U.S.-based advisors.

2) We will work with your attorney to provide a comprehensive understanding of how your estate plan will work if you own assets outside of the United States. 

3) We will work with your CPA or outside consultants to help ensure that you are not paying more than your fair and legal share of US taxes.

4) We bring out-of-the box strategies using effective financing techniques to finance real estate purchases at very competitive loan rates.

As Much or As Little Communication As You Desire

– Biltmore offers flexible business hours to communicate with you when it is most convenient for you in your time zone.

– We leverage Facetime or Skype web conferences to ensure the benefits, and trust, of a face-to-face relationship.

– In addition to monthly calls, we conduct annual personal meetings with you at your location to provide in-depth reviews of your portfolio, current management strategies, and financial planning options.

We welcome inquiries from EMEA, Asia-Pacific and across the Americas.