Institutional Services

NonProfit and Endowment Solutions

Our investment strategies for NonProfits and Endowments employ many of the same investment techniques as world class endowments such as Princeton, Harvard and Yale Universities.
Each portfolio takes into consideration the annual distributions required to fund organizations and cash flows to keep pace with inflation. While Biltmore strives to keep overall costs low, our customized solutions seek to participate in global growth. They employ more sophisticated strategies, which may involve long or short positions in currencies, commodities, interest rates, and global stock and bond markets. These strategies provide the diversification and risk management that characterizes modern asset management at the larger endowments.

Options Strategies

Biltmore Capital has expertise through different market cycles at devising option strategies for advisors and their clients with concentrated stock positions. We work with advisors and custodians to weigh risk and reward and construct solutions specific to client needs, risk profiles and goals.
Contact Biltmore to learn more about our customized strategies for hedging, tax managed selling and premium (income) generation in any market environment.