How To Find A Financial Advisor

Finding and Working with a Biltmore Financial Advisor

How to Find an Advisor

It’s important to find the right advisor, one who’s qualified to help you manage your unique financial needs over the long term. Ask yourself, what are my investment goals? What kinds of services – wealth management, financial planning for college, retirement or other life events, private banking, margin loans – will I require from an advisor?
Do your research. Contact financial companies you already do business with – ask if they have financial advisors located near you. Ask friends who they trust to help them manage their money. Do an internet search of investment firms you know and respect. Find out what their minimum investment requirements are.
Ask if an advisor is SEC-registered. Ask how long they have been offering financial planning and asset management services. Be sure to get references. Do they have clients who would be willing to speak to you about their experience with the firm and its services?
Interview advisor candidates to see if their investment philosophy, service offerings and experience are compatible with your financial goals.
At Biltmore Capital Advisors, we seek a deeper understanding of our clients’ individual financial needs and goals to develop more personalized, more comprehensive long-term solutions over a lifetime. Trust is the foundation for each of our client relationships.
We are an independent, full-service boutique. Our solutions are carefully customized for each of our clients, with the individual attention, due diligence, risk management discipline and objectivity you expect from a trusted advisor. At Biltmore, that’s an important reason why once clients come to us, they stay with us.
To arrange an initial meeting with an experienced Biltmore Financial Advisor and learn how Biltmore can do more for your financial future, feel free to call us at (888) 391-4563. Or contact us here to request an appointment.

What to Expect

Think of a Biltmore Financial Advisor as your Family CFO. In an initial meeting, we will lead a private, in-depth conversation to understand important aspects of your financial situation, including such things as investment experience, market knowledge, tax status, risk tolerance, liability structure, income streams, insurance, estate planning and more.
Your advisor will guide you through our six-step financial planning process that covers every important life event, from savings & retirement to insurance planning to tax strategies to estate and philanthropic planning.
They will uncover risks and opportunities specific to your situation. After taking the time to understand your investment goals and all the variables of your financial life, your Biltmore advisor will come back with specific solutions to take advantage of opportunities, mitigate your risks, and develop investment portfolios that help you and your family realize their financial goals.
How you choose to work with us is up to you. Some clients want to walk into an advisor’s office, look them in the eye, and ask questions whenever they need to. As technology continues to evolve, this is changing. We find that many clients are comfortable holding meetings via conference or video calls. Face-to-face meetings are important to establish trust at the beginning of a relationship, but we have found that a long-distance relationship can work well for clients of all ages and in all locations.
We discuss each client with the planning team weekly so no decisions are made in a vacuum but get input from all team members. On a regular basis, we reach out and speak to each of our clients, as market conditions and your financial circumstances dictate. We want to keep you in the loop about market events, your progress towards goals, risks to look out for and opportunities to consider as they become available. At Biltmore, we believe an advisor must be proactive about communicating with you; it’s a foundation of your financial relationship.
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