Family Office Services

1. Discovery Phase

Your Biltmore Financial Advisor will develop a thorough understanding of your individual situation, available resources, risk tolerance, financial challenges and objectives.

2. Solutions Analysis

We create a detailed, customized solution for your family, including portfolio recommendations, risk management, liability planning, tax mitigation, and estate planning. This analysis might include other personal financial services, such as concierge and errand running, available to our Ultra High Net Worth clients.

3. Private Banking Experience

Biltmore will provide online access to your investment accounts and introduce you to our full range of private banking services. We will evaluate the most efficient ways for you to bank, assisting with checkbooks, monthly transfers and account titles, and arrange for online bill pay.

4. Private Vault Navigator

Our secure online vault and storage system can help you simplify your financial life. With one password, it aggregates all your investment and bank accounts, 401(k) and employee stock option plans, credit card and hotel reward points, frequent flier miles, liabilities such as mortgage and credit card balances, and home equity lines of credit.
Your private vault also serves as an online document storage center, where you can view important documents such as digital pictures of valuables, digital video, estate plans and insurance policies.

5. Personal Risk Analysis

Our risk review delivers an expert third-party evaluation to ensure that potential areas of exposure are minimized. Your various insurance policies – life, property, casualty, umbrella, auto – are reviewed by risk experts. With a focus on lowering your payments, we examine policies to identify any gaps between current coverage and your actual needs.

6. The Strategy Snapshot

Your individual circumstances and financial needs are likely to change over time, as will economic and market conditions. Biltmore carefully monitors your portfolio and investment strategies on a weekly basis, suggesting changes to keep you and your family on course to realizing your goals.