Financial Planning

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We do Financial Planning

At Biltmore, we seek a deeper understanding of our clients’ unique financial circumstances to help you develop more durable solutions for every stage of your financial life.

Employing our six-step financial planning process, a Biltmore Financial Advisor can help you address significant life events from marriage to grandchildren, retirement to estate planning, charitable giving to high net worth tax planning.

Explore Our Services:

Estate Planning

Biltmore keeps you up to date on the latest changes to estate law, and how potential changes may affect your planning.
We can help strategize to establish an estate plan, pointing you towards suitable trust concepts. We can call on our network of estate planning attorneys to review any existing documents you have – even help negotiate fees and conduct due diligence on local estate planners.
Our goal is to ensure that your estate plan works with your financial plan, and your instructions are carried out as you intended.
When estate planning requires you to engage a corporate trust company, Biltmore will partner with them in their capacity as trustee, while we continue to manage your assets according to your wishes from generation to generation.

Retirement Planning

Planning for a secure retirement means taking stock of your retirement preparedness and what you expect from your “second act” in life.

Your Biltmore Financial Advisor can help you determine how close you are to retirement, how long you can expect to live in retirement, what sources of income you will have available, and how you can protect against market risk, rising healthcare costs, taxes and other factors that will affect the quality of your retired life.
Our goal is not just to help you accumulate a retirement nest egg that meets a magic “number.” But also to secure a steady stream of retirement income so you can maintain the lifestyle you want in retirement for as long as you live.

To that end, Biltmore uses sophisticated retirement planning software to help analyze success rates in retirement. We examine your savings, investments, pensions, mortgage structure, risk profile, social security and other vital information to determine what changes could enhance your financial security in retirement.
These tools also allow us to stress test your retirement plan in severe bear market conditions or periods of high inflation or low interest rates to judge its susceptibility to factors beyond your control.

Charitable Planning & Gifting Strategies

Clients of Biltmore Capital Advisors enjoy annual access to donor advised philanthropic programs. These programs allow you to contribute cash or appreciated assets to receive immediate tax benefits, with the flexibility to make donations to various charities around the world. They’re like having your own private foundation. Simplify your giving by allowing Biltmore’s philanthropic partners to handle due diligence, grant distribution and record keeping of your gifts.

Your Biltmore Advisor can help you plan appropriate gifting strategies. For clients with highly appreciated assets, we may discuss a gifting strategy to realize the full tax deduction without paying capital gains tax on the sale. We can help time the gift to maximize its value to the organization as well as your deduction.

Special Purchases Financing

Whether you’re looking to purchase a yacht, aircraft, home, or other valuable asset, you can take advantage of the favorable interest rates negotiated by Biltmore with outside lenders to fulfill special borrowing needs. While many advisory firms concentrate only on the asset side of the balance sheet, we take a more holistic approach. Biltmore looks at the liability side as well, through the lens of taxes, interest rate risk and overall interest expense savings.

Your private banker will gain an in-depth understanding of your specific situation, then bring in a lending specialist of choice to work with you and your advisor to find the best solution. Biltmore clients can customize loan structures based on their cash flow and financial planning needs. This may be in the form of 100% financing, portfolio based lending, traditional mortgages, fixed or variable rates, amortizing loans, or other customizable structures.

Life Event Planning

Life events from marriage to the sale of a business to grandchildren and retirement can lead to major changes in your financial needs and goals.

Biltmore can develop effective solutions at every stage of life.

  • Divorce
  • Career change
  • Death of a loved one
  • Retirement
  • Grandchildren
  • Marriage
  • Sale of a business
  • Setting up a trust
  • Home purchase
  • Inheritance

High Net Worth Tax

Believing that excess fees and taxes can be an investor’s worst enemies, Biltmore strives to reduce these whenever possible.

Throughout the year, we seek to harvest portfolio losses. Biltmore’s portfolio advisory services routinely considers your individual tax rates and special tax situations.

For certain clients, we will communicate with their outside accountants on a regular basis to ensure that their tax plan is working within the context of their overall financial and investment management. We will also assist with the computation of quarterly tax payments.

Liability Planning

While many advisory firms concentrate only on the asset side of the balance sheet, we take a more holistic approach. Biltmore looks at the liability side as well, through the lens of taxes, interest rate risk and overall interest expense savings.

 Our clients can access reduced interest rates on certain loan product We will also advise them on mortgage structures and help them shop mortgage rates among outside organizations.