Investment Management

An Investment Approach Based on Independence and Objectivity

At Biltmore, we value our independence as boutique investment advisors. We bring an objectivity to investment management which avoids many of the potential conflicts that exist at larger firms.
Through acting as a fee-based planner and wealth manager, our foremost commitment is to help our clients achieve their financial goals. We receive no compensation from outside products, service providers or managers. This objectivity gives us full flexibility to operate, select products, manage tax liabilities and control costs based on our clients’ best interests.
We don’t subscribe to the thinking that one firm can specialize in all forms of money management. That’s why we take an open architecture approach to asset management. Biltmore is free to choose among the lowest cost ETF strategies or brightest outside managers to address your individual investment needs and goals.

The Keys to Long-Term Financial Success

We view disciplined risk management through intelligent diversification, tax efficiency and fee efficiency as the keys to long-term financial success.
Each client portfolio and its risk basis is reviewed on a regular basis by our Investment Committee through the lens of emerging trends and opportunities, our outlook for the economy and global markets, downside risk management and changes in your personal situation. We only recommend changes when they are in your best interest.

More Opportunity with Alternative Investments

Like the endowments of Princeton, Harvard and Yale Universities, Biltmore is committed to implementing investment strategies using both traditional and non-traditional asset classes. This approach can provide investors more effective diversification, alpha generation and risk mitigation.
In today’s complex and fast-changing investment world, alternative investment strategies are an important way to help mitigate risk and potentially enhance returns. Biltmore deploys a wide range of alternative strategies, taking both long and short positions in global markets including commodities, currencies, metals, interest rates and energy which have the ability to add returns in ways that traditional markets can’t.
As the window of opportunity for such investments can be brief, due diligence in manager selection is critical. We employ a due diligence process designed to identify alternative investment strategies we believe will complement and enhance our clients’ portfolios.

A Rigorous Due Diligence Process

To help ensure that you receive the best in portfolio design and asset management, Biltmore conducts rigorous due diligence on each manager and product we invest with. This process enables us to identify innovative investment strategies and engage best-in-class asset managers to deliver more value for our clients at the lowest cost available.
Biltmore owes no allegiance to any one firm. If we can’t find investment managers we believe will add value, we will instead use low cost ETF strategies. Our goal is to find the most cost-effective solutions within each component of our clients’ portfolios.
Once managers are approved for our investment platform, the due diligence process continues, to ensure that those we entrust with our clients’ hard-earned capital continue to outperform their peers.

Comprehensive Risk Management

Affluent families confront risk in many forms. It may be related to their investment portfolio or arise from everyday activities. It will certainly change over the course of a lifetime as your financial objectives change.
Within our model portfolios, Biltmore manages risk through broad diversification, rigorous due diligence, manager flexibility and options hedging, utilizing not only stocks and bonds, but also alternative investments. Over the long term, we believe this approach to risk management, together with efficient tax management and an emphasis on keeping costs low, will provide more sustainable risk-adjusted returns for our clients.
In our six-step Family Office process, we identify the risks beyond portfolio risk that affluent families should address. For clients who so choose, our team of experts will examine your life, property, casualty and umbrella insurance to provide advice on coverage and better rates.