Specialized Solutions

Helping Women Through Financial Challenges

The Chandelier Program is Biltmore’s unique platform to guide women undergoing difficult life changes to financial independence.
The program teaches women the fundamentals of investing and risk management, providing valuable financial advice to meet new challenges with more confidence.
A six-step process identifies specific issues women face in situations such as divorce or the loss of a loved one. The Chandelier Program includes:

  • A personal, in-depth interview to create a financial plan
  • Learning about financial markets and risk management strategies
  • Consulting on a new estate plan
  • Updating retirement account beneficiaries
  • A personal risk analysis that evaluates current property, casualty, umbrella and life insurance to determine proper coverage, and/or shop independently for better rates
  • A mortgage analysis that enlists our network of mortgage banks and brokers to ensure that a client’s mortgage makes sense within their overall financial plan
  • Developing an appropriate budget, savings and investment plan
  • Working with a personal advisor who takes care to understand your unique situation and guide you through every step of the program